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"We are so grateful for your help during a very stressful time.  We could not have done any of it without you!  Your hard work, kindness and determination was so appreciated.  Dealing with a death in the family, finding and moving my in-laws to an assisted living place, emptying and cleaning a packed house, the organizing and hiring of construction workers, plumbers, and painters, shopping (I could go on and on) and of course the emotional support was so beyond our expectations.  Thank you again!"

- Nancy C.

Client Testimonials

"Carrie and Steve were a “dynamic duo.”  They were fast, efficient and willing to do anything that was needed. I am very grateful to both of them.  I couldn’t have done it without them."

- E.C.

"Carrie and Steve were not only efficient but also very kind and caring towards my mom and me."

- Caren P.

"Thank you for...your incredibly valuable work and care!  You are extremely good at it — both the organization and working with people in times of change which usually is the much more difficult part!  I am sure we will engage your services again whether it will be to help Mom, our kids, or get ideas on how to approach things with my parents downsizing.  Many people avoid this inevitability of decluttering and downsizing…and I see that while difficult, it can be a very fulfilling process of change and renewal as well.  Thanks for being an invaluable partner during this important time."

- Patty B.

"Just want to thank you and Steve for all your help with the packing and the move.  I don’t think I could have done it without you."

- Marcia V.