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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes a Senior Move Manager (SMM) different from a moving company?
A. SMMs offer much more than just moving belongings. We provide whatever help is needed, such as space planning, unpacking, and dispersal of leftover possessions.

SMMs minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by creating a customized action plan and handling all the details of the move. Our energy, enthusiasm, compassion, and experience can take the worry and work out of the move process.

With the gentle and expert guidance of an SMM, you and your family can make the key decisions without the emotional and physical stress that follows. As a result, you avoid the costly mistakes and remorse that often accompany such major lifestyle transitions.

Q. What are the real benefits of Senior Move Management Services?
A. Senior Move Managers have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce quality results. Our services are client-centered and personalized to meet the client’s preferences. Families, particularly, should not doubt the power of an outside expert!

Q. I am interested in obtaining some help with my Mom’s move, but we can do most of the work to save money. Can I still contact Smooth Transitions© to do just some of the work?
A. Yes, Smooth Transitions© offers a menu of services from which you can choose and pay accordingly. The ultimate goal of this industry is to ease the stress of the move process for older adults and family members, not to add to your concerns.